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Tourist Attractions in Bangalore

History of Bangalore | Tourist attractions in Bangalore | Tour to Bangalore

Tour to Lalbagh, Banglore IndiaBangalore offers various tourist sites to be visited in and around the city. These sites attract a large number of tourists every year. You can enjoy watching the archeological sites, religious sites, historical sites and more on your tour to Bangalore.We at India tours and travel offer you tours for local sightseeing in Bangalore, these include some of the famous sites of Bangalore as under:

Lal Bagh Gardens: Lal Bagh is one of the most popular tourist attractions on your tour to Bangalore. As the name suggests, Lal Bagh is a park wonderfully bloomed with red roses that remain blooming all through the year in this garden. The garden has a collection of famous Botanical species. Every year many tourists visit the park; on the days of flower shows that are held here and during Republic Day when the garden gets a festive look.

Vidhan Soudha: You can visit Vidhan Soudha on your tour to Bangalore.This structure was built in the year 1954 and is one of the major centers of attraction in Bangalore. The architecture of the building is based on the neo Dravidian style and it presently houses the Legislative Assembly of the state of Karnataka. The building also houses a part of the Karnataka secretariat.

Cubbon Park: On your travel to Bangalore you can visit the Cubbon Park. This park is situated in the heart of the Bangalore city; the Cubbon Park is an interesting tourist spot, which one should not miss out. In the year 1864 Lord Cubbon laid the park. Cubbon Park is spread over an area of about 300 acres and the layout is absolutely exquisite.

Bangalore Palace: On your tour to Bangalore you can visit the Bangalore Palace. This palace was built in the year 1887, it is a must see tourist spot in the garden city of Bangalore. The architecture of the palace is based on the Tudor style. The palace is situated in the middle of the Bangalore city making it easily accessible for the tourists. The Palace covers an area of about 800 acres and gives a look of the Windsor Palace of England.

Venkatappa Art Gallery: Venkatappa art gallery is a pleasant treat for the art lovers. You can visit the Venkatappa Art Gallery on your travel to Bangalore. It has about 600 paintings on display that you can see all through the year. The art gallery also has some of the exclusive collections of scenic displays.

Tipu's Palace: The palace and the fort of Tipu Sultan are the must see spot on your tour to Bangalore. The architecture, the layout, and the overall look of the palace gives you the idea of the ethnic Mughal lifestyle. The fort and its remains present the history of the era in which it was built. The construction of the Tipu palace was started by Haider Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan himself.

Tour to Bull Temple

Iskcon: On your tour to Bangalore you can visit the Iskcon Temple. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness or Iskcon Temple Complex of Bangalore is a marvelous building structure that has blended the Dravidian and modern architecture in its construction. The building has some of the modern facilities like the multi-vision cinema theatre, computer aided presentation theatres along with Vedic library and a preaching library. The temple also has good accommodation facility for its members and non-members.

Shiva Statue: You can visit the Shiva statue on your tour to Bangalore. This statue is a 65 feet high depiction of Lord Shiva in a position of Padmashan or Lotus position. The statue is complete with Mount Kailash, the Lord's heavenly abode and the river Ganga flowing from his matted locks in the background. The entire area gives you a clear picture of the mythological legend related to it.

Bull temple: The Bull temple forms one of the famous places to visit on your tour to Bangalore.The Bull Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva's Vahana, Nandi the bull. Here you can find a huge monolithic statue of the sitting bull that draws a large number of people to this place every day. The statue is 4.5 meters tall and 6 meters long and has been at this place long before the present temple was built.

History of Bangalore | Tourist attractions in Bangalore | Tour to Bangalore

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