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History of Delhi

History of Delhi | Tourist attractions in Delhi | Tours from Delhi

The city of Delhi has a majestic and imperial past, which is evident of the rise and fall of many empires before the dawn of history. The history of Delhi started with the creation of Indraprastha by the Pandavas and the transformation of this city of the Kauravas.A history, which still remembers the various kings and emperors who established their royal citadels of Indraprastha, Lal Kot, Quila Rai Pithora, Siri, Jahanpanah, Tughlakabad, Ferozabad, Dinpanah, and Shahjahanabad.All these cities were altogether called Delhi.

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India tours and travel takes you on a tour to Delhi where you can visit the ancient monuments which bring alive the history of the past. The history of Delhi is 5,000-year-old and the eternal Jamuna River bears witness to the glorious and tumultuous history. The city of Delhi has always been intrinsically identified with power and imperial influence. The historic structure of the Old Fort or Purana Qila has stood witness to the restoration of the city of Delhi, the periods of anarchy, and the rise & fall of empires, which bring alive history of Delhi. After Shah Jahan built Red Fort the attention of administration shifted to gorgeous palaces of the fort. The Old Fort still reminds us of the splendors and lavish life style of the bygone era. The history of Delhi has seen the death of many empires and resisted bloody attempts to eliminate her. Nadir Shah who had ordered his soldiers to plunder and massacre Delhi.

The history of Delhi tells us that it was the focal point for the first war of independence in 1857, though the revolt did not have much effect on the city of Delhi but it had become a thorn in the eyes of the British. Delhi has always been the center of any activity at all times, even at the time of the freedom struggle all the activities were directed towards the capital. Thus, Delhi also bears the marks of the freedom struggle. The ultimate goal of the Azad Hind Fauz during the freedom struggle was to capture Delhi and establish Swaraj. It was the hosting of the tricolor at Red Fort in Delhi, which marked a chapter in the history of India.

The history of Delhi tells us about a long and chequered past, which only a few cities in India can claim. A tour to Delhi would let you know more about the history of Delhi, which has come a long way. From the time of the Mahabharata as Indraprastha, the capital of the Pandavas, a glorious chapter to Delhi's history was added with the discovery of an Asokan inscription near Srinivaspuri. Among the other dynasties that laid claim to Delhi were the Tornor Rajputs and the Chauhan Rajputs. With the defeat of Prithviraja, the Chauhan leader, in the hands of the Muslims towards the end of the I2th century, Delhi became the capital of the Pathan Sultans and eventually of the Mughals.

History of Delhi | Tourist attractions in Delhi | Tours from Delhi

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