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Camel Safari Tour
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  • When was the last time you heard yourself breathing? Try it when you are alone in the sandy expanse of the Thar Desert. A Camel Safari Tour in Rajasthan is an experience worth cherishing.

    Camel Safari Tour

    Take a Camel Safari through the long sandy stretches of desert sands. A camel is the best means of transport in a desert, and it is also very exciting. You can go for a short camel safari through nearby locations or you can also opt for a long-distance expedition lasting several days. It may look savage and lonely. With no traces of human civilization for miles around, it is a different feeling altogether. The adventure trip in the Thar Desert is one that you will treasure for all your life. Within the savage and glaring image of the desert lies a chance to explore the sandy landscape and enjoy the hardships of both mind and body. And when you camp at an oasis, the sound of human voices will be music to your ears. Even before you can appreciate the company of human beings, you will see how the stars seem to glow brighter in the desert. The soulful music of desert musicians playing on their stringed instruments will be sounds that you will never forget.

    The camel safaris will show you the huge sandy expanses shorn of any vegetation. In their own way, they are beautiful. Add to that the special cultural performances on the sand dunes, with traditional Rajasthani meals and your holiday would be complete.

    Camel Safari Tips : The weather in the desert is extreme so do carry Sun Screen, Goggles, First Aid Kit and a large supply of Water to avoid dehydration. Dress should be airy and allow your body to breathe. Loose fitting cotton clothes are a good choice. A good point would be to avoid exposing your skin to the sun, as you can easily get sun burnt. Dress code should be modest and visitors should avoid skimpy clothes. A broad hat is a good idea to protect yourself from the direct sun. During the night, the desert can get cold, so do bring along a few warm clothes or a jacket.

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