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"We invite you to taste best of Indian Food and best of Hospitality “

In India food is a gift of gods and it’s treated with respect. Based on pragmatic medical precepts evolved over centuries of experimentation and observation, Indian food is aimed at nourishing the body and is pleasing to the mind and eyes. Ingredients of each meal is based on six Rasa or Flavors – sweet, salty, bitter, astringent, sour and pungent – each ingredient believed to have particular physical benefit on application of the right proportionate use.

Indian cuisine is considered to be one of the three great distinctive cuisines of the World, the other two being the Chinese & the French. Indian cuisine aims to satisfy needs of the tongue & body, from sweet to sour bitter or hot, from heating to cooling foods, from food for the body to foods for the brain. Within these parameters, each region has nurtured its own culinary tastes using different combination of spices. No country in the World has developed such an elaborate and tasty range of vegetarian cuisine as India.

Travel through the tourist destinations of India while on your cooking tour, savour curries and chutneys, relish the flavours, and breathe in the aroma of subtle spices, while you observe demonstrations by master chefs of Indian cookery and enjoy the delicious meals prepared for you. This is what our extra special cooking tours in India offer you.

Explore and rediscover the culinary wealth of India on your cooking tour of India. North India is known for its Mughlai cuisine, a creation of the chefs of the Mughal emperors. Known for its rich curries and heady aroma of spices, Mughlai cuisine has in store both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes for you. Up towards the North, the Kashmiri cuisine is known for its traditional feast or Waazwan, where many different meat dishes are prepared and served on a white sheet. The Kashmiris are very proud of their culinary skills. Enjoy your Culinary Tour with the Kashmiris in a traditional manner and eat while being seated on the floor. Culinary Tours Through us (TSI) will be a total new experience as we include the demos in selected traditional family home. All of the recipes of the food prepared during the demo will be provided alongside, will also help you to make detailed flow charts outlining the cooking processes. Later once you reach back home & because of any reason if your chart or recipe is lost the same will be sent through net.

The level will be basic vegetarian & Non – vegetarian cooking with a special focus on the ingredients available in other countries also.

We have lot of suggested itineraries covering all over India. The detailed itinerary can be sent to you as per your interest / no of days etc.

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